British Governess agency Dubai provides English speaking nannies to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

British Governess agency is the leading nanny governess agency for the Middle East in particular Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Kuwait, Doha and Riyadh, KSA. We have years of experience in placing nannies, governesses and home school teachers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the Middle East. Our professional nannies and governesses are particularly seeing nanny and governess roles in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Middle East. Our English Nannies and governesses in Dubai, the UAE are able to undertake nursery and teaching duties. Develop language, teach another language such as French,Spanish, Russian or German and help your child to reach developmental milestones. Our Dubai governesses and nannies are highly experienced with nanny and teaching qualifications. We are ready to assist our Emirati and Middle Eastern families find educated, qualified nannies and governesses to work for you in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, the UAE or the Middle East.

Below are some of the nanny and Governess positions available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE please contact us if you are looking for work in Dubai or the UAE. Should you be looking for a nanny or governess in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE please contact our Dubai nanny governess agency to discuss further. We would be delighted to assist you in your search for a nanny or governess in Dubai.

1) Dubai, UAE Nanny:

We are looking for an experienced nanny for a VIP Australian British family based in Dubai and travel to Abu Dhabi.

The nanny should be qualified or very experienced with babies. To take care of newborn and share care with mother. It is a fully staffed household. Baby is due in February. It is their first baby.

Start Now or in February

5 days pw hours 10-12 hours to be advised.

Own room will be provided

Salary £600-800pw

2) Dubai, UAE Nanny:

We are looking for a Governess in Dubai

For an Indian family, the father is a company chairman.

Children are boys aged 8 and 9 living in a villa in Jumeirah. It is a fully

staffed household. The family speak English.

The family will provide: one bedroom, en-suite bathroom, separate living area. Car/driver will also be included in package.

The governess should preferably have nanny and teaching experience.

French or Spanish knowledge would be a bonus.

The governess must have good knowledge of healthy living and eating, a sporty or musical person would be great but not essential.

Be able to travel with family on vacations (UAE Summer period).

Salary £550-700pw dependant upon experience

Working 5-6 days pw, hours TBA

3) Dubai, UAE, Nanny job:

English speaking Nanny wanted for professional British Arab Jordanian family in Dubai.

Mother works from home. The family live in a lovely villa.

To take care of 2 children aged 4 Boy and 3 year old Girl. There is a new baby who the mother takes care of. The children are becoming clingy and jealous of the baby so a nanny who has ideas of how to deal with that would be great.

There are 3 maids and driver employed.

Working 5-6 days per week

10-12 hours per day

A mature nanny would be preferred aged from 30+

A nanny speaking another language like French or German would be a bonus


4) Dubai, UAE, Nanny Job:

We are looking for an experienced live out nanny or governess for a British family for their 6 year old son in Dubai. The position is live out, sole charge, for 5 days a week. Working about 50 hours per week. Applicants should be warm, energetic, organized and proactive. Applicants should be well educated too.

The family live in a lovely residence which has 4 outdoor swimming pools (2 for children) and direct beach access. The immediate area (Jumeirah) is very family orientated and has many nurseries, schools, shops and parks. Many ex pat families choose to live in Jumeirah due to the abundance of good schools and children’s facilities, and due to the proximity to the financial district, malls and beaches.

In the afternoons and school holidays, the family are keen for him to have a wide range of activities – arts and crafts at home,play dates, park, swimming/ football/ skiing lessons, playing on the beach etc. The successful applicant will also be required to play an active role in school homework and other after school activities.

The child is very polite, affectionate and sociable. He is confident but can be quiet in a group or with strangers. He loves all kinds of activities particularly sports, and is showing an aptitude for music at school. Applicants with musical ability would be particularly welcome but this is not essential.

The child has a severe nut allergy so all his meals must be home cooked and extreme diligence must be taken to ensure he does not eat anything he may react to. He must carry antihistamines and epipens at all times and there is a complete nut ban at home. The successful applicant must be a good cook and a sound first aider. Being familiar with the signs of anaphylactic shock and knowing how to administer an epipen confidently is essential.

They require a maximum of 2 evenings babysitting a week. As we consider weekends to be “family time”, babysitting will generally be mid-week but may also be at the weekend.

Sole use of a car (4x4) will be available during the working week although there may be occasions (expected to be rare) when it is not available. Applicants must be experienced drivers.

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